Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My thoughts on the recent Haze.

When the haze hits Singapore, I was expecting Singaporeans to stand united together to deal with the haze hand in hand but this isn’t the outcome from what I expected.  The National Environment Agency (NEA) suddenly turns into ‘Ministry of Defence’, not against the haze or blood sucking mozzies but against some trouble makers who spreads scare mongering on the internet to bring panic.

This prompted the public to direct their questions & criticism at NEA especially at the period where NEA’s team are already busy battling both the Mozzies and Haze. Suddenly many ‘PSI’ experts appeared out from nowhere, just because they see the haze so thick, smell it already confirms the PSI readings from NEA isn’t accurate. These idiots conveniently added themselves as another ‘crisis’ to our motherland when they spread scare mongering.

Guess who? The culprits are the cyber keyboard warriors whom recently protested for ‘Free My Internet’ last month at Hong Lim Park.  Ironic thing is they aren’t even listed to be regulated under MDA. So why are these clowns going gaga all over it with all sorts of reasons that aren’t even relevant to them. Wrapped logic definitely tastes better than tacos!

With what happened during the haze, I would say “Free My Internet + From Irresponsible Speech”

Now to the haze issue. Information was fabricated to create chaos.
All details are revealed over here:

One can wonder what their motives are.

Now the burning point to ponder: When we have an Indonesian Minister calling us ‘Children’ and refusing to apologise to Singapore for the haze, (This was before the Indonesian President came forward to apologise).Where are the noisy keyboard warriors? Did they come to defend Singapore on the internet? Or are they only good at running their mouths at the PAP?

Did they stir up trouble to attempt to discredit the ruling party? Yes, now you can say I am politicising, if you culprits can do it so why can’t I do the same? Don’t act like an angel pretending to help people in haze crisis yet taking pot-shots at the government telling people, “What is the government doing? Are they sleeping on their jobs or our million dollar ministers are not giving us masks”. That’s not all... fabricate, fabricate and fabricate more lies. You jolly know how the MPs and Ministers work hard in times of haze & mozzies crisis, so please quit feigning ignorance.

This is what I call a group of trouble makers, hypocrites, liars, anti-establishments, anti-Singapore, hooligans, full of vulgarities with wrapped logics rojak-ed inside their pea brains soaked with self-fulfilling prophecy of their so called DEMOCRACY my foot! I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about me.

I am scolding you culprits on behalf of Singaporeans who are taken in by your gibberish stories spew over the internet during the haze period.

For your record, SDP and WP in their statement gave support to the government in dealing with the haze, so where does it make you stand now?


PAP + WP+ SDP 3 – 0 Cyber Keyboard Warriors

I was gonna deduct marks to WP due to their incompetence in handling the Hawker’s issue last month but decided to be a little more generous as Mr Low says AHPETC will comply with NEA & move on.

Before we move on, I saw something very distasteful by Andrew Loh. I have read Andrew to be very neutral and moderate in his articles but this time he hurled vulgarities & insulting at our President Tony Tan. Has his brain been consumed by the dark side of haze simply because the President was nowhere to be seen? Has he checked the facts first before he jumped on his guns? 

I think Andrew ought to know what to do by now. 

Lastly, let’s not forget to give credit to the people who came forward to battle the haze & volunteered to help the needy people. Thanks & kudos to NEA, MOH, SAF, the reporters who braved dangers in Indonesia to bring us news, the PAP MPs (including WP’s MPs) for distribution of N95 masks, Ministers, SH Haze Rescue team, plus some individuals who imported masks overseas and distribute to the needy. Apologies if I miss out the others...

Latest Update: I received a message in my FB page from Andrew Loh. I saw his message after posting this blog. Let's all forgive Andrew Loh and move on. Thanks.